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Dietary Supplement

Excellent natural foundation for any treatment. Composed of Squalene 99 (monoactive), derived from shark liver oil, our product stimulates cellular oxygenation. This action promotes efficient metabolism, strengthening vitality and cellular health.

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Dietary Supplement

Benefits of Active Ingredients:

Squalene interacts with water through a natural chemical reaction, capturing hydrogen molecules and releasing oxygen molecules, providing an additional supply of oxygen for cellular metabolism.

Since the decrease in cellular oxygen is one of the main causes of chronic diseases, altering blood characteristics and consequently oxygen distribution throughout the body, squalene emerges as a potential therapeutic source. It contributes to more efficient metabolism, promoting the maintenance of live and healthy cells.

Based on the oxygen release theory and traditional therapeutic properties, several studies have indicated the therapeutic efficacy of squalene in the treatment of various organic disorders.

Experimental studies have also shown that squalene improves the immune system's performance, playing an essential role in protecting immune cells' biocompatibility against oxidative stress. By neutralizing excess free radicals, squalene empowers immune cells to act effectively.

Since the adoption of less natural lifestyles, the human body has faced a reduction in oxygen levels in cells. Factors such as a sedentary lifestyle, stress, unbalanced diet, excessive use of medications, addictions (alcohol and tobacco), and environmental pollution contribute to this reduction. The consequent decrease in oxygen can result in blood changes, affecting the distribution of oxygen to vital organs. All organs experience a significant loss of their functional and metabolic capacities, initially affecting the brain, heart, lungs, and immune system, reducing natural resistance to diseases.

Persistent reduction of oxygen in the blood can become chronic, manifesting as physical and mental fatigue, premature aging, shortness of breath, dizziness, palpitations, lower back pain, excessive sweating, cold extremities, hand tremors, rheumatic pains, anxiety, and neuroses. This oxygen reduction can be a precursor to degenerative diseases such as cancer and rheumatism (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.).

With the discovery and therapeutic use of squalene, alternative medicine gains a powerful resource to treat various ailments, thanks to its ability to provide intracellular oxygen.

Squalene 99 provides oxygen individually to each cell in the body, promoting efficient metabolism and contributing to the maintenance of live and healthy cells. This additional supply of oxygen to muscle tissues, for example, can reduce the intensity of anaerobic metabolism over time when combined with regular exercise, increasing muscle performance by decreasing oxygen debt and lactic acid formation.

When absorbed by the digestive system, the squalene present in Squalene 99 is distributed through the skin and organs. Additionally, there is a synthesis of squalene in the liver, from farnesylpyrophosphoric acid, through specific enzymatic activity resulting in an intermediate compound called pro-squalene. This compound, an important precursor to steroid hormones, such as sexual and adrenal hormones, highlights the potential role of squalene in hormonal regulation.

Due to individual organic differences, the amount of squalene synthesized by the liver is linked to the individual's dietary habits and age, emphasizing the importance of adequate supplementation of this compound. Research has shown that squalene can decrease total and LDL cholesterol levels while increasing HDL (beneficial cholesterol), crucial factors for reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Squalene also exhibits antioxidant properties capable of neutralizing free radicals, protecting blood vessel cells, and contributing to preventing the deposition of oxidized fats, responsible for varying degrees of vascular obstruction.

The naturally high concentration of squalene in human skin highlights the organic need for this compound, preserving moisture and assisting in maintaining soft, firm skin protected against ultraviolet radiation.

Due to all these properties, Squalene 99 can be considered not only an oxygen supplement but a robust dietary supplement with rejuvenating effects on the body, both prophylactically and in the prevention of organic disorders.

Upgood Good - Natural Treatment Dietary Supplement

Product Description: Upgood Good is an excellent natural foundation for any treatment. This dietary supplement consists of Squalene 99 (mono-active), obtained from shark liver oil. The squalene present in Squalene 99 promotes cellular oxygenation, providing more efficient metabolism and contributing to maintaining live and healthy cells.


  • Water
  • Stevia
  • Humectant: Glycerin
  • Squalene 99
  • Preservatives: Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate
  • Emulsifier: Polysorbate 80
  • Thickener: Xanthan Gum

Administration Mode: Take one ampoule, twice a day, with main meals. Squalene should be consumed shortly before meals, approximately 15 minutes, for more effective organism oxygenation.

Presentation: Box with 30 drinkable ampoules of 10 ml. Price: €26.00

Nutritional Information (Daily Dose - 20 ml):

IngredientQuantity% NRV*
Squalene 99400 mg**

(*) NRV established by Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of October 25, 2011. NRV (nutrient reference value not established)

Doses per package: 15

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